New Masjid Details

The 9 acres of land for the new Masjid is located at 2438 Salem Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Click here for a map.

Approval to purchase and build our new Masjid was not an easy task. The Virginia Beach Muslim community was met with ignorance and hate by groups claiming that were were funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, an almost laughable accusation! With the help of Allah the city council voted 9 to 1 and approved the land could be used for our center. Here are just a few of many links that show some of the hurdles that our community have been facing.

Please help us overcome hate and build the first Masjid in Virginia Beach by Donating here.


Prayer Timings

  Adhan Iqamah
Fajir 4:18 5:00
Dhuhr 1:08 PM
Asar 4:59 PM
Maghrib 8:28 PM
Isha 9:58 PM 10:00
Jumma 1:15